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Dukan Diet Review

‘All over France right now, women are talking in hushed reverential tones about a certain Pierre Dukan… he is in fact, currently the biggest name on the French dieting scene.’ (Grazia ).

After some success with the Dukan program, I wanted to post up a The Dukan DietReview.

I first became aware of the diet when it was launched in the UK in 2010 and received extensive coverage in the Daily Mail with the Dukan Diet review feature. I then found the book on Amazon and made my purchase. [Continue reading...]

Why Bodybuilding is Dangerous!

why bodybuilding is dangerous

TweetCheck out the guy on the right!!!

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The Truth About Fast Food!

TweetWe don’t know why people love fast food so much, its so unhealthy and full of rubbish that your body just does not want! Have you ever gone into a fast food restaurant like McDonalds and tried to be GOOD by ordering a salad? I bet many of you have which is why we wanted [...]

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We are now on Facebook!

TweetDear Readers, We are finally on Facebook and will be rebranding the site  a bit soon! Please show us your support by joining us on Facebook by clicking here. Feel free to use this page to tell us if there are any products or services you want us to try or write about to help [...]

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Fill up your picnic baskets without filling up your waist!

Soreen Original Snack Pack Small

TweetFor a great tasting summer snack, why not add a delicious Soreen malt or fruit loaf to picnic hampers? With lots of mouth watering variations to choose from, all packed with deliciously squidgy energy, the whole family will love Soreen as a healthier picnic treat!   Soreen’s fruitiest loaf, Fruity Five, is packed with five types [...]

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